Meet Michaela!

It all started in a bookstore…& from there, a dream began.

I remember reading Sarah Dessen’s novel Just Listen and how her words drastically shifted my teenage life. It moved me in a number of ways. It was the first novel I’d read that tackled a topic that rarely got any awareness. But it also shifted my perspective, helping me realize that I too wanted to move people with words. Middle school me wrote like crazy after that, zero strategy, poor grammar. Just a wild imagination that wouldn’t slow down. Oh how I miss that feeling. You know. Writing without a care or worry in the world.

Of course, getting older, I’ve worked on strategy and grammar. But I’ve also worked on familiarizing myself with the publishing industry and how selective it can be and the things that need to be done before trying to publish. It was a lot to take in, but after a lot of research, a number of conferences and resources, I’m on the path of making middle school me proud. One day, I’ll publish. One day, I’ll walk into a bookstore and see my novel on the shelf.

I say one day because things take time. Finding an agent, the agent trying to sell the manuscript, editing, etc… This publishing process is so much more complex than I ever imagined, but striving to get through it all will make the accomplishment all more rewarding.

And if you’re chasing the same dream, understand that it won’t happen over night. Don’t throw in the towel after a handful of rejections. Don’t get flustered by the slow pace this journey is. Stick to it.

My writing tips&tricks are lessons I’ve learned, advice I’ve heard and helpful information I’ve learned along the way. It took me a long time to wrap my head around what all it took to publish. My goal is to be that resource for writers who are newly diving into the journey to publishing. It it an intimidating industry. Add in being vulnerable and finding the courage to share words you’ve poured your heart and souls into and whew!-it’s a roller coaster waiting to happen. But I promise, there is beauty in the ride!