How Doing the Little Things Can Make for the Best Valentine’s Day

Last year’s Valentine’s Day was a tad different than other ones. Not because it was my first one as a fiancé, although, that did make the day a bit sweeter. Last year, I agreed to do something out of the blue on Valentine’s Day: babysit three kids.

Why? Well, she asked three days prior and I would have felt bad if I’d said no, especially since she and her husband hadn’t had a date night in months. And Valentine’s Day landed on a Friday, which meant working from 8-5. Once five o’clock hit, I booked it to the babysitter’s house and stayed there till 9-ishhh. Add the, almost, thirty minute drive home and that was my day. Or, so I thought:)

My fiancé and I kissed goodbye around 7:30 that morning and didn’t see each other again until almost 10 o’clock that night. I wasn’t expecting anything since it was so late and we were both trying super hard to save for a house, a wedding and a honeymoon. But when I got home, he reminded me that it isn’t a grand gesture or a big ordeal that makes a day special. It’s actually the little things. I came home to my favorite bottle of wine and a fort in the game room with the TV set up on the floor with blankets and pillows. Building forts has special meaning to us, so when I cam home the gesture, my heart grew with a love no gift could buy.

That sweet little gesture inspired this article. Wanted to share this since we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. Whoever says staying in for date night isn’t romantic, clearly isn’t putting in the effort to think outside the box. If you’re staying in or saving some $$$, here are 5 ways to make the most of Valentine’s Day. They’re simple, thoughtful and can create memories you’ll look back on! Take pictures or put your phone away! Whichever fits best for you

  1. Cook for Each Other

You can cook together, but why not switch it up? Cook your partner’s favorite breakfast, while they cook yours. Brew a pot of coffee, have a seat and enjoy each other’s company before the busy day consumes you. Not a breakfast person? Switch the idea for lunch or dinner. Cook a meal for your significant other and cross your fingers they enjoy! Not a good cook? Pinterest! Trust me…you can find a delicious, simple meal within seconds. Feeling fancy? Get dolled up. Put on something cute or sexy and treat the dinner like a true date if you were going out.

2. Take a Hike

If you’re an outdoorsy couple, this is for you! Either hike a trail you know or make a day out of it and take a drive somewhere you’ve never been. Pack a mini picnic and enjoy it once you’ve reached a beautiful destination. Keep it light, though! Don’t forget the hike back. This is a great way to disconnect from your phone and the rest of the world for a couple of hours. Choose a hike that is as short or as long to your liking! If you’re travelling for your hike, find a hole in the wall restaurant you’ve never been to!

3. Play a Board Game

When is the last time you and your better half were competitive and challenged each other with a simple board game? It can be chess, scrabble or monopoly. Heck! Even ‘Go Fish’ counts. Base the game you choose on how much time you have. Grab some snacks, clear a table and may the better man/woman win! Want to make it interesting? Make bets. If you win, your partner has to…give a massage of clean the kitchen for two weeks. Set the stakes and up the competition.

4. Compliments and Affirmation

This idea leans more on the intimate side. Eliminate any and all distractions: phones, tv…all of it. Create a space where it’s only the two of you and nothing else. And then tell each other how you feel. For starters, you can: tell them why you love them, things they do that make you laugh/smile, bring up your favorite memory, compliment a quality you love. I added this because, when is the last time you’d done this with your significant other? Or have you ever? An intimate check in never hurts! Words are powerful. Build each other up, smile while you reminisce on adventurous memories and remind yourselves why you fell in love in the first place.

And you can get creative with this! Grab colored construction paper, scissors and a bowl. Label each color with something each of you have to answer. For example:

  • Purple -Talk about one of your favorite memories
  • Blue – Give your partner a compliment, something you love about them
  • Green – What’s one thing you are looking forward to in the relationship?
  • Yellow – Would you rather.

Those are just ideas. Of course, make the colors mean whatever you want. But that gives you an idea of how you can set the night of checking in up for success.

5. Build a Fort & Move the TV/Laptop into your New Layer

Yup! Adding this in because it’s still one of my top favorite date nights. Find heavy objects around the house, work together to build an epic fort. Make it comfy! Add your pillows and blankets inside the fort and then add in your TV or laptop. Then grab some wine and snacks and hunker down for a good movie or series! For your snack, if you want something cute for both of you to work on, make a charcuterie board. For ideas, browse Pinterest. This might require some pre-planning, so don’t wait until the last minute if you want to add making a charcuterie board to your date night.

2020/2021 and this pandemic isn’t an ideal way of living. I’ve got high hopes for this year turning around for the better! In the meantime, though, that doesn’t mean your relationship has to grow stale while waiting for those better days to come. Focus on the little things and enjoy some intimate time with your better half!

Until next time,

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