Three Reasons Why: In Five Years

In Five Years is beautifully written by Rebecca Serle and it is the novel I didn’t know I needed! This novel had me laughing, crying and reevaluating my perspective on life. Who knew a novel could do some much in just a couple hundred pages?!

If you’re wanting a feel good book with zero sadness, you might want to take a pass on this one. But! If you’re wanting a book that will pull at your heart strings in all the right and wrong ways, do yourself a favor and make the purchase.

So…about In Five Years

Online, it says the book’s genre is romance and domestic fiction, which is another way of saying woman’s fiction. The romance in the novel was more one sided/in Dianne’s head most of the time rather than shared between two people. When you read the the book, that’ll makes sense. The romance was more of a wanting aspect, like I was waiting to see it happen, rather than reading about it in the moment. Though there are few really nice scenes, romance isn’t the lead in this novel. Dannie’s journey and experiences drive the story, in my opinion. So, yeah. I’d say it leans more domestic/women’s fiction.

I believe readers are going to love Dannie because she is all of us at some point in our lives. She’s a woman who knows what she wants. And when what she wants is accessible, she goes after it in full throttle mode. Her life is planned and mapped out with every T crossed and every I dotted. That means the future she’s working so hard for will happen, right? Didn’t we all believe this at one point in time?

But for Dannie, the life she prepped so hard for turns might not be the life ends up with. And that is why I believe this novel will hit home with so many readers. We can plan and prep for our futures all we want, but in the end, what’s supposed to happen will indeed happen. Add in the twist of seeing a glimpse of what five years ahead looks like and Dianne’s journey is one you’ll want to follow to the very end.

I read this novel in a four hour time frame, so if you’re wanting an easy read, make the purchase, grab some wine and enjoy!

Like I always do, here are my three reasons why I love In Five Years!

#1 Bella!

Bella is whimsical with a creative soul and a desire to live life to it’s absolute fullest. She owns who she is and owns life itself! I found myself envious of her. Weird, right? Envying a fictional character? Though silly, it’s true. I found myself wishing I had her confidence and her spirit. I’m definitely a Dannie, but oh how I’d love to be a Bella!

Bella is the friend we all want and need. She pushes Dannie to reach for more in life. She doesn’t shy away from telling Dannie like it is and does such a sweet, sweet act of kindness that had me crying. And NOPE! I won’t spoil it for you. You’ll just have to read to see for yourself. Like Dannie, Bella knows what she wants. But unlike Dannie, Bella unapologetically goes after it. There might be times where readers will view Bella as a bit self absorbed, but it’s harmless. Everyone has their quirks.

#2 How the hard sh*t was written…

Again…no spoilers, but this light read does take an unhappy turn. But that’s how life is. Life is an unexpected force that can hit you as fast as turning a page in a book. And when things did hit the fan in the novel, Rebecca Serle nailed every angle with a rawness that tore my heart in two.

I found myself hurting for the characters in the book, wishing I could hug Dannie and Bella and their friends. And it’s the unexpected twist in the novel that changed my perspective on a few things. There’s a painful twist you didn’t see coming and when it’s revealed, IT HITS YOU HARD WITHOUT STOPPING! I mean it. As a reader, you’re diving in whether you’re ready or not, just like the characters did in the novel.

There isn’t any world building or fantasy in this novel. It’s real humans in the real human world trudging through real human trials. And I think that’s also why I loved it so much. I’ve been on a fantasy binge, so this was a breath of fresh air!

#3 The raw and real

I think I devoured this book because it felt so real. Ever read a book that had unrealistic moments that WOULD NEVER HAPPEN? Moments that felt forced? This novel has NONE of that.

The dialogue. Real. Dianne’s relationship with her career. Real. Dianne’s back burner of a relationship with her fiance. Real. How everyone responds and copes with the unexpected turn of events while life keeps going, because let’s face it, life doesn’t stop when it’s falling apart. Real.

All of that and everything in between was written without a filter. Serle didn’t sugar coat any aspect, giving an honest representation of this unexpected journey called life. And every now and then, we need a wake up call to remind us that life isn’t always going to work out like we planned.

Books are meant to move us. They’re meant to inspire, challenge and change us in big or small ways. And In Five Years did exactly that for me. It really is the book I didn’t know I needed.

Ordering on line? Here are links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble! And of course, support your indie bookstores if you can.

Amazon: click here! Barnes and Noble: click here!

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