Tieks: Why They’re Worth Every Penny

You’ve probably seen them on Facebook…the flats with the teal rubber outsole patches. Dozens of designs. 150 Steps to make in three days and BOOM! The shoes are made.

Then you saw the price.

I get it. That’s a bit of a drop there. And I was hesitant, too. But then I decided to finally pull the trigger because I was tired of trying flats after flats that were either too stiff or too slim. I have wide feet, so finding a pair of flats that didn’t feel close to cutting my circulation off has always been a challenge. And what I realized is that in two years, I’d spent more than what one pair costs while searching for a cheaper option.

So…I bought my first pair.

I ordered the burgundy ballet flats and I AM OBSSESED! They are easy to dress up or down, comfortable beyond any other shoes I’ve ever owned.

But it wasn’t until after I worked an 11 hour shift coordinating a wedding where I was constantly on my feet that I realized that Tiek flats were in a league of their own. Zero back ache or swollen feet. Not the day of or even the days after. Crazy, right? And for my birthday, my sweet boyfriend knew how much I love these and bought me the Mojave Ballet Flats and I’m equally obsessed.

Tiek’s Italian leather stretches with the movement of your feet. And those pretty teal soles provides extra comfort for the long days where life demands a little extra out of you. The interior soles of the shoes has cushioned foam for an extra dose of comfort.

I love how versatile these flats are. Dress them up or down. You’re good either way. And with 60+ designs, finding your perfect pair should be a breeze. Go with a solid pop of color and stand out with a funky print that represents your personality.

They even send a personalized letter for each customer. How sweet?!

Another perk is their SPOT ON customer service. Every pair comes with a personalized, handwritten note just for each customer! Aside from that, I’ve had only great experiences when issues occurred. My wine color pair scuffed shortly after I bought them. I sent an email in regards to how I could fix it, but instead, they sent me a new pair! My second issue was a simple size problem. I ordered the wrong size and requested a label to send them back. Instead of sending the shoes back and waiting for the new pair, Tieks went ahead and shipped the size I thought I’d need and told me to feel both of them out before making a final decision. Turned out I needed the original pair after all.

Tieks also has a foundation where they globally support female entrepreneurs. That’s right. GLOBALLY. Right now, their website says they’ve contributed to 55,000+ women and I’m sure they’re not stopping anytime soon. Personal contribution stories can be found on their website and after reading the outcome of how these women benefit from the Gavrieli Foundation, I stand behind this business even more. Why not feel good about the company your giving your money to?

This blog is NOT a paid advertisement. I love these flats and this company and feel every female should know about them.

Do yourself &&& your feet a favor. Spoil them with a pair of Tieks. You won’t regret them!

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