3 Reasons Why : Seafire by Natalie C. Parker

“Sisterhood is survival.” – Natalie C. Parker

To do a book review and give my 3 Reasons Why opinion, I’ve got to be moved. I’ve got to feel like I was dragged into the pages and lived a life along side the protagonist or as the protagonist. I’ve got to love/hate all characters and champion them on their journey to triumph.

Natalie C. Parker does all those things and more in her novel Seafire. AND BOTH COVERS ARE BEAUTIFUL! Goodness. Still in love with the designs. Plus, I’m already wishing I had the second and third installment of this trilogy, but I’ll (somehow) patiently wait until the release date.

If you like women leading the charge and striving to make a change, this novel of female pirates is for you.

My goal for any book review I do isn’t to spoil or give the big climax away. It’s to write about why I loved the novel in the hopes you’ll give the read a chance. I love sharing beautiful reads that bring me on an adventure that leaves me wanting more. There’s just something about a book you wish would never end and an unexplainable reason as to why sharing it is inevitable. Parker exceeded all the things I look for in a novel. Here are my 3 Reasons Why Seafire needs to be added to your library.

1) The protagonist isn’t perfect.

I love a protagonist that messes up. It makes her/him human and relatable. Caledonia Styx struggles with guilt while leading a crew of young women that all look up to her. She struggles, but manages to plow through her internal battles. Caledonia gives orders. Sometimes they’re the right orders and then sometimes, they aren’t. And I love that Parker keeps her protagonist imperfect. A protagonist that has all the answers and gets it right the first time is boring, annoying and also…not real. A flawless hero will make me slam a book shut and never open it again. 

But a hero who fails and then succeeds is my kind of story. Struggle. Strategize. Succeed. That in my opinion, makes a great leader.

2) Females working as one.

I know society and the media is pushing the women supporting women vibe, but I really love seeing this movement in books! In Seafire, readers can expect to follow the journey of girls forging as one to right a sea of wrongs. But what I enjoyed most was how the girls reacted when their captain, Caledonia, failed. Instead of pointing fingers and forcing her to step down, they supported her and helped her fix the mistakes she made. Now, I’m not saying the girls got along and never clashed heads. There is plenty of that, but it’s in a healthy way that can influence young readers on how to separate their difference and work as one for a greater good. Each female has the same intention on the Mors Navis: do what is best for the people on the ship, while strategizing how to eliminate Aric’s armed fleet. Each member on that ship knows that it takes everyone doing their part to make it to where they need to be. They refuse to give up on each other and refuse to let a crew member give up on herself.

3) Details & Imagery

That’s right. I combined two praises because I believe, as a writer myself, that they go hand in hand. Can’t have one without the other.

This novel was beautifully written. It’s that simple. I had zero trouble painting each picture, each person in my head. The story line was quick paced and made this novel a page turner. Third person past tense is a hard POV to write in, but Parker does it justice!

Parker crafted an page turning novel with details that pulled me into the pages and made me feel like I was a member of the crew, that I was following Caledonia on and off the Mors Navis, steering the ship to avoid Bullets.

Each character is unique, full of quirks, strengths and flaws that made conjuring up who they were in my mind so easy. To have a crew of so many, while making each of them each stand out on the page as their own person is a remarkable usage of detail and imagery!

If you are a fan of unwavering trust, loyalty and sisterhood, be sure to add Seafire to your reading list. The Mors Navis crew tackles the odds as one, showing readers what female empowerment looks like when working together.

Eager to follow Caledonia Styx’s journey in the next installment of the Seafire series? Steel Tide releases September 17. Pre-Order now and be one of the first to know where she goes next. 

Do you have a book recommendation? Comment below! I’m always looking for a new read.

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