Let’s make the New Adult Genre a bigger deal in the Publishing Industry

This will sound bias since I’m 24, but this world really needs to make New Adult novels a bigger deal in the publishing industry. We need more than what exists.

Think about it. It’s YA and then there’s women’s fiction. Boom! Talk about a big life jump. High school then to parenthood. Football games under stadium lights to cheering for your own kid while they do whatever their little, innocent heart desires.

We need more of the in between on the bookshelves, because there’s a lot of us stuck in that exact in between right now. We need more novels based in college where students are struggling to figure out their future while maintaining a social life. A novel about new friendships made that explain why high school really isn’t the best four years of your life. And for goodness sakes, can we please have more novels that don’t paint sorority girls in a bad way?

We need more novels that have characters taking that pivotal next step into the real world, the step that makes them feel lost and broke because hardly any job will pay a college graduate enough money to cover apartment rent that costs more than a house payment, so they pick up a side hustle just to make ends meet.

We need more novels where females mess up. There! I said it and I’ll probably get some hate for that, but it’s true. Maybe it’s because I’m a female who messed up in college, but surely I’m not the only one.

If so, yikes on that honest spill.

Being in your twenties is a lot of trial and error. Very rarely, does a 22 or 23 year old have life figured out.

The Publishing industry needs to get real.

Stop sugar coating YA.

Stop painting these women in Women’s Fiction closed off to love until a guy has to climb Everest just to break down her wall. I want to see some women who are reckless and march to the beat of their own drum.

We need more novels where women fail and pick themselves and learn how to love themselves again after forgiving the mistakes they made.

And let’s stop ignoring a large audience who could use some form of guidance. I’m not saying books will help us find our way, but they just might help us not feel so lost and alone.

Thank the Lord above for self-publishing. Easily, I can find unique, quick reads that are real and relatable and have potential to make cute Netflix movies.

In all genres, we need more diverse stories in the publishing industry. And let’s not forget about the lost people who are trying to figure out life while trudging through their twenties.

And writers! If you’ve got a New Adult novel brewing in your creative brain, write it! Please! I have two novels that I put on the back burner because I knew there wasn’t a market for them, but I’m saying screw it! And will refocus my efforts to doing my part in helping make New Adult a bigger deal on the bookshelves.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Until next time,

Michaela Perry

Published by pensandprosecco

Lover of books, writing, wine, all things lavender and rain on a tin roof!

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