Our Trip to Mystic Falls (Covington, GA) and the Vampire Diaries Convention

“You want what everyone wants. You want a love that consumes you. You want passion, and adventure, and even a little danger.”– Damon Salvatore

Raise your hand if you love The Vampire Diaries!

Now raise your hand if you had NO IDEA you could visit where the 8 season long show was filmed?

Well…you can! And shockingly, I’m not the one who figured this out. My boyfriend knew how much I loved the show, which encouraged him to do some research. Then BAM! Come to find out we were only 3.5 hours away from the town the show was filmed in. Now, you might be a tad farther or a bit closer, but however long it takes for you to get there, I promise it does the heart some good if you go.

Yes there is a Mystic Falls sign!

Seeing all the famous spots where one of my top favorite shows was filmed almost made me cry. That is how excited I was. I think I smiled the entire time and my boyfriend had no problem cracking jokes because of it.

If you’re a fan, GO! Seriously. Go! You’ll only pay for food, transportation and a hotel if you stay overnight. Sight seeing trips are inexpensive and adventurous. You create your own itinerary and go from there. We even stayed in the Conyers area for one night and had a couple drinks at a local bar (which ties into The Originals). We did all of this in less than 48 hours. So if you are looking for a quick adventure, get yourself to Covington, GA.

The famous Bell Tower

We made it to the sweet little town just in time for lunch at the MysticGrill. The food was, of course, delicious and they even have a bar for those who like to have a fun drink with your food. I got the Mystic Burger and loved it! The staff was friendly and informative of the charming town they called on.

Be sure to check out the gift shop directly below the restaurant. From t-shirts to wine glasses, they have got all the goodies for your fan girl fix.

Sam and I visited Covington on the weekend, so the tour shops were closed. But, if you are a fan like me, you won’t need a tour guide to point out all the spots.

As far as filming locations, everything was in walking distance. You can see Elena’s house, Caroline’s house, The Lockwood Mansion, and even the spot where Damon and Elena had their epic kissing in the rain scene season 6. (Please understand that real people live in those houses. Admire from a distance.)

Because I am a HUGE  Klaroline fan, my favorite spot was the bench right outside the Mystic Grill where Klaus asks to know more about Caroline’s hopes and dreams (while the others are plotting to take down an original).

Sam had gone on Etsy and purchased a tour sheet, but learned real quick that we didn’t need one. If you’ve seen every episode, you just might be able to find your way around the charming small town. But, if you don’t trust your instincts, you can always purchase a tour sheet with exact addresses off Etsy.

When at the square, be sure to look where your waking. Literally. Engraved in the sidewalks are the actors and actresses names who have filmed in that locations. (Side note: Sweet Home Alabama, Miracles from Heaven, The Dukes of Hazzard, and Remember the Titans was also filmed here.)

Gates of the Lockwood Mansion

A few streets over, you can peek through the gates of the Lockwood Mansion, where so much sh*t went down. Viewers could always count on this location to give some epic/romantic/hopeful scenes.

I’d say covering everything took close to 5 hours. Maybe a bit more but it was a great work out, so bring your Fitbit to count your steps.

But the trip doesn’t stop there. My boyfriend had done EVEN MORE research and found that The Originals spin off series was filmed thirty minutes away in another charming town called Conyers, GA.

Of course I had to get a picture!

We got into Conyers late that night and found a pub called the Celtic Tavern. Though some of The Originals was filmed in the pulsing City of New Orleans, the set was also in Conyers, GA on a small strip they were able to manipulate into looking like New Orleans.

You can walk down the same strip Hayley and Jackson did their second line on…but it’s also the same street Cami’s and Hayley’s funeral was on. But it’s all about perspective, right?

We didn’t have a cheat sheet for this one, but it wasn’t needed. The area is very small and you know the spots when you see them!

Another 30 minutes away is Madison, GA, where they manipulated a park into looking like Jackson Square. There you can find the fountain where Cami died in Klaus arms. (I had to point this out because my boyfriend is SUCH a Cami fan.) And I’m not sure how, but we stumbled upon the house The Original family lived in during season one before the witches decided to BBQ Hayley and unborn baby Hope.

Fountain Cami Died in Klaus' arms
Fountain Cami Died in Klaus’ arms

The trip was definitely one of the coolest trips I’d ever been on. And I owe a lot of my smiles and memories to Sam. If it wasn’t for him and his eagerness to make me happy, I never would have found this place. 

What’s even crazier about this thoughtful trip was that, at the time, he hadn’t seen a single episode! How sweet? He walked around for two days and listened to me ramble on about a show he knew nothing about. Talk about a keeper, ladies.

He then promised to give the show a chance, which gave me an excuse to re-watch all 8 seasons again. And you guys…he is now a fan. He has watched all 8 seasons and has even blown through The Originals (which he likes more).

Sam was hardly a season into The Vampire Diaries when we both attended a convention in Nashville for the show.

Yes that is him…The only guy on stage for a trivia contest. I think he was on episode 6 of season 1. Have to love the effort, right?

They had asked the audience if anyone wanted to play in the trivia round. I was mindlessly playing on my phone, then finally looked up and realized the seat next to me was empty. Then I found him, standing on stage. Smack in the middle. He gave the goofiest wave and did not care he was the only guy on stage. ( I think there were a total of 5 guys out of 3,000 people at the day’s event).

But the day was so much fun. We got to take pictures with all of the actors and actresses who spoke at the panels. Sam was well into The Originals, so the convention wasn’t all bad for him.

“Always and Forever”- The Mikelsons
Right before this picture I gracefully stepped on Ian’s foot.

The convention was such a whirlwind of fun and fan girling, all while Sam tagged along. He won’t admit it, but he had a blast too!

Hope you one day find yourself in Covington, GA.

Bye for now, lovelies!

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