Meet the Writer

 Michaela here! I absolutely believe that creativity is such a beautiful gift. We must embrace it. Cherish it. Utilize it. And most of all, share it with the world! While you’re here, I hope you find that needed boost of inspiration that pushes you to keep chasing whatever goal you have in store for your writing journey. &&& maybe you’ll stumble upon a book you haven’t read!

And fellow writers…

If you ever feel like you’re not supposed to be writing…STOP! Stop that thought immediately. Please. I beg you. If you find yourself in a trench of doubt, search for that little spark in your chest, the one that sets your soul on fire with passion and drive for that one goal you are striving towards. Whether you’re wanting to traditionally publish, self publish or just write for the pure sake of bringing yourself joy-remember why you started. Remember that version of you who dared to dream big in the first place. Because that version of you is going to be the reason you get there.

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